One beautiful spring day in 1992, I took a mini road trip to Chimayo, a tiny town outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I did this as a spiritual journey to visit the Sanctuario de Chimayo, known for its healing dirt, said to have healed thousands that come from all over the world making a pilgrimage to the church.

As I entered the sanctuary, I saw a local man showing the priest a wooden sculpture that he had created. It seemed sacred to me…this exchange between the artist and the priest. I felt so drawn to them. I walked past them and continued my own pilgrimage in and about this magical place.


After my visit, I wandered next door to the restaurant that served the area. It was quaint, with outdoor seating and flowering cactus everywhere. As I ordered my food, I noticed the artist sitting at the next table! I believe there are no coincidences, and took this to mean that I was supposed to meet him, so I introduced myself. His name was Don Edward. What happened from there was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. His light blue eyes seemed to look through me. His energy was pure and intoxicating. We talked for over an hour. He was a Comanchero Indian, half Comanche half American cowboy. He wore a bandana under his cowboy hat. He talked of shape shifting, and tracking in the desert. He was fascinating to me. He asked about me. What did I do for work? Did I love my life? and then he said to me…..I have a word for you…it is ALLEGRIA…this describes your essence…”full of life, happy, in joy”.

The word resonated deeply within my cells. Yes. That is me. And, THAT is what I call my passion and purpose…..not only to live and express my own ALLEGRIA, but helping others to find and express theirs.

So if you’re ready to up-level your life personally or professionally, create more impact, experience a transition and/or have a strong desire to reinvent some part of your life n a way that’s powerful, exciting, and fun, let’s talk.