Express Yourself! Women’s Group

Please join me and other amazing women to embark on a journey of 6 events in 6 months as we honor and deepen awareness of ourselves as women in the areas of:

* Self Nurturing * Health and Wellness * Sensuality * Community Impact * Creativity * Spirituality

Are you interested in living more fully? Would you like to experience more joy and laughter and love in your daily life? Do you have moments when you feel so deeply, and you wish you could share more of this with the people around you? Do you feel extra energized and fulfilled after time with your most cherished girlfriends? Are you ready to look in the mirror and see your most beautiful and fully expressed you, sparkling back? Do you have this feeling that there is something more for you to learn and be? If so, this program is for you!

Research shows that one of the best things a man can do for his health is to be married to a woman. For a woman, one of the best things she can do for her health is to nurture close relationships with other women. Now, the first thing that happens when you tell this to a group of women is resounding laughter… but the truth within is quite serious. In our bodies, that distinct “girl time” — spending time in trusted female relationships and the sharing of feelings — causes our brains to create the chemical serotonin, which produces feelings of wellbeing and wards off depression. This sharing of our thoughts, concerns, feelings, struggles and joys is good for our health, some say it is as important to our overall health as exercise.

The Express Yourself! Women’s Group is a special program created and based on the idea that the greatest gift you can give to your partner, your children, your family, yourself is the gift of your authentic self – you at your best. After years of coaching individuals and leading small groups of women, Leslie observed that something magical that happens when a group of women gets together in a loving forum to identify and express their best selves.

When you are living in your authentic self, life becomes easier, more meaningful; there is an attunement that happens where everything lines up. What happens is we begin a process where new things begin showing up in our lives, be it relationships, jobs, experiences or opportunities. When we are attuned to that vibration, we are the beacon; we are leading with love that attracts others around us.

This 6 session program is designed for a group of 10-12 women. All events include a coaching session accompanied by an activity to express different aspects of yourself as a woman. Dates and times will be customized for your group. Think besties, sisters, and special co-workers who are ready to explore be vulnerable and have fun! Its heart work, not hard work. Heart work is easy, because when we are in our heart, we are in a loving space, and everything is softer there.


Our Journey:

Week One - Self Nurturing – Health and Wellness – “Taking Care of You”

*Includes 30 minute facial, 30 minute massage, and sacred sound therapy session.

Facilitator: Leslie Bartlett

Retreat at Five Wellbeing Spa, 5602 S Nevada St, Littleton CO 80120

Week Two – Sensuality – “Pole Dancing – Yes, You Can!” – (just trust me on this one!)

*Learn a simple pole dance routine to engage your inner goddess.

Facilitator: Estee Zakar

Pole Fitness Denver, SE Aurora 80013


Week Three – Community Impact – “Making a Difference for our Community”

*Shop the food warehouse and deliver groceries to a family in need.

Facilitator: Leslie Bartlett

Location: There With Care, 2401 S Colorado Blvd, Denver CO 80222


Week Four – Artistic Expression – “Your Inner Artist Revealed”

*Create and take home a piece of art you design. Supplies included.

Facilitator: Leslie Bartlett and Heather Haworth of Haworth Designs

Location: 5631 S Nevada St., Littleton CO 80120

Week Five – Spirituality – “Labyrinth Meditation – Live Into Your Passion and Purpose”

*Walk the labyrinth (replicated from the Chartes Cathedral in France) under the rainbow crystal chandelier.

Facilitator: Leslie Bartlett

Palazzo Verdi Building, 6363 S Fiddler’s Green Circle, Englewood Colorado 80111

Week Six – Completion Celebration – “Celebrate You! – Bring it Home”

*Includes drinks and appetizers.

Facilitator: Leslie Bartlett

Location TBA

Cost: $550/person Includes all workshops, spa services (massage, facial, and sound therapy), materials and art supplies, food and drinks.

Private Program to accommodate your group. 

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